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NAPKAPU provides high-quality training and progressive development methods for both individuals and corporations that enable insight and discovery for a more profound living.

What is NAPKAPU?

NAPKAPU is one of the world's best Firewalking communities that also provides organizational development services. Founded by Bence L. Tarr, a Master of Firewalking Instructor Training, certified by Rolf and Åsa Beckman, John Maisel and Tolly Burkan - the father of the western Firewalking movement. Napkapu delivers over 30 firewalks a year making it the world's leading expert in both developmental and corporate firewalking. NAPKAPU is a trend-setter and prominent member of the international contemporary firewalking movement, a member of the United Fires collective. It is a group of human developers and specialists who support self-discovery and development with the most effective tools, tested and proven throughout the globe by thousands of individuals with the greatest diversity in cultural and industrial background, seeking self-fulfillment and growth.

With an established track record over the last 10 years, our partners find great satisfaction and personal delight in choosing between innovative and out-of-the-box development approaches ranging from individual coaching tools to large-scale corporate team building events and development seminars. We inspire, train, and enhance individuals and organizations to a higher level.


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About the founder of NAPKAPU

Tarr Bence László

Bence László Tarr is a certified Masters of Firewalking Instructor Training in the world, with an MA in cultural anthropology, a BA in oriental studies, and an MA equivalent Diploma in TESOL from the University of Cambridge. With multiple international certifications in training and development that includes a Globetrainer certification from the Académie Accor in France, he has specializations in organizational development, management consulting, business and life coaching, and thousands of hours in training groups and individuals in both corporate and private settings. As a post-graduate lecturer he is also an ordained Dharma-preacher and Buddhist practitioner. He has been working in the field of human development for more than 20 years using both conventional and alternative tools for development primarily with large multinational firms and organizations.

For the last 10 years, Firewalking has become the predominant development tool in his life. It has been a long road of self-discovery that led him to become a certified instructor of firewalking in Portugal and then a Master of  FITTM in Costa Rica. By founding NAPKAPU (meaning “Doorway to the Sun” in his mother-tongue Hungarian), he now dedicates his life to promoting firewalking as a safe and powerful alternative development tool. In accordance with the findings of contemporary research into positive psychology and enhancement methods that lead to success and mental welfare, firewalking is now proven as one of the most effective ways to boost human performance and behaviour in a controlled and absolutely safe way.

Firewalking is a clear-cut demonstration of personal conviction, strength and determination that help people discover their inner potential, personal beauty and power in a very short period of time. In an era where time is really precious, and where all organizations and individuals seek the most effective and most efficient way to boost their performance, firewalking provides a straightforward answer. By applying the proven tools and methods of the international firewalking movement, we give people a chance to discover unleashed powers within that enhance and boost performance and enrich the overall quality of life. By learning to walk on fire, we teach people how to discover their true values, inner guiding principles that are strong enough for people to overcome all hindrances and reach for a higher goal in life.

NAPKAPU’s firewalking approach and methodology originates in Tolly Burkan’s contemporary approach, which he made available to the public through his organization F.I.R.E. (Firewalking Institute for Research and Education). With the consent and acknowledgement of Tolly we carry on the international FITTM lineage through Rolf and Åsa Beckman of Eight Directions, immediate friends and “disciples” of Tolly. With a tight personal friendship and connection to Rolf and Owsa and also to John Maisel (Hawk), renowned and established members of the international firewalking community, we guarantee and deliver the utmost level of professionalism worldwide.

We understand and teach firewalking from both the scientific and spiritual aspect. We give a full account of this world-heritage, by making available the many forms of firewalking that have been developed and practiced by various culture throughout the Globe from the Iberian coast in Spain to the volcanic islands of Hawaii.  As such we promote tolerance, cross-cultural diversity and acceptance of all faiths and creeds. Thorough our firewalks we make possible the meeting and intercultural exchange of all nations.

NAPKAPU is a fully certified, authentic and reliable source of firewalking at all scales ranging from 10 to thousands of people, and in all possible settings from corporate events to gatherings and festivals.


Tűzönjárás - Firewalking


3rd-05th of OCTOBER 2018.


If you are a Firewalk Instructor that is out there to sell your Firewalking service, this Gathering is for you. The 2nd Firewalk Gathering will be held in Hungary, close to the capital city Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and easy to get to and around in as well.

With 30 years of substantial international experience and expertise, the line up of speaker that we have is outstanding! Each of them could easily keep us spellbound for a whole day! And we have a huge support from important sponsors. 

  • For the very first time an exchange of knowledge between all major Firewalking Schools
  • A unique opportunity to strengthen and deepen your network for new business possibilities
  • Adding a new layer of professionalism to the Firewalking Industry
  • Have fun and celebrate the joy of Firewalking with three evenings of truly inspiring and outstanding Firewalks, the first being conducted by Firewalking Master Bence L. Tarr from NAPKAPU.

The Firewalk Gathering is not only about sharing knowledge. It is also about creating the future for the Firewalking Service.

Now we need delegates! The 1st, 10th, and 100th registration will receive a special gift!

Further information and booking at: www.firewalkgathering.com

The prominent peakers of the 2nd Firewalk Gathering:

Tűzönjárás - Firewalking

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Firewalking is much more than just the act of walking on a hot bed of coals bare foot. In our practice, it is a complex self-development program that incorporates both classical and alternative training tools at the highest possible level. With a constant inspiration from Rolf and Owsa, and John, we created a complex training program that is both professional and personal with a sense of family and joy. The purpose of NAPKAPU firewalks are not to have extreme experiences, but rather to become inspired by your own self-discovery.  As Rolf once said “What we teach is to be 100 % you in EVERY situation, to be fully present no matter what life is sending your way. In this you will find your gift - not as a knowledge or as a talent - but the gift that naturally unfolds once you accept yourself fully.”

We work with tools that evoke strong emotions, and bring fundamental insights, we deliver a long-lasting effect that opens a new horizon of self-discovery. We help people shift paradigms, overcome old dysfunctional behaviours, and learn to discover a more fulfilling and harmonic life far beyond the scope of their work, or working environment.

What are the characteristics of the Napkapu Firewalking event?

By creating learning environments that are based on first-hand experience and discovery, NAPKAPU adjusts all its  development programs to the learning needs of 21st century individuals who have a stronger need for autonomy and self-management.

With our holistic and interdisciplinary approach, we make learning available through experience by encountering out-of-the-box situations.

With our practice-based development program, we help people learn the way of realizing goals and ambitions through making self-awareness and conscious living an everyday tool.

Besides conventional human development tools NAPKAPU provides progressive methods and development tools that enhance self-discovery leading to a new horizon of self- and organisational development.

NAPKAPU is your ideal development partner:

  • When you have tried all conventional training methods, or have become bored with regular development tools,
  • When you are looking for new ways to develop yourself or your colleagues,
  • When you want to develop in more than just your work, and would like to enrich your personal life and grow more consciously as an individual,
  • When you want to learn from practicing professionals who have successfully demonstrated their potential in the world of business, and have significant experience in applying conventional and alternative tools in organizational development.

We deliver our programs to both corporate clients with specified aims and target groups, and individuals through public firewalks that are organized at least 4 times a year.


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